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By Istvan Benedek, Mikhail M. Feldstein

ISBN-10: 1420059343

ISBN-13: 9781420059342

Offering the end-use and alertness applied sciences of pressure-sensitive adhesives and items, quantity 3 of the Handbook of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Products discusses the building up and periods of pressure-sensitive items, the most representatives of pressure-sensitive items, and their software domain names. It divides the most product periods of solvent-based, water-based, and hot-melt-based formulations via their debonding features and water and temperature resistance, and illustrates build-up through adhesive-coated, adhesiveless, carrierless, and linerless pressure-sensitive items. It provides program expertise, gear, and novel items corresponding to RFID, clinical, and labels, in addition to the self-adhesive rivals of pressure-sensitive items. It additionally lists specialist firms and providers, besides the most literature assets.

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Formulation of radiation-curable adhesives is the subject of Technology of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Products, Chapter 8. 2 Pressure-Sensitive Product Classes According to Bond Character In s ome appl ication domains a p ermanent ad hesive joint i s ne eded; i n ot her end-use domains tem porary ad hesion i s re quired. , p ermanent a nd removable PSPs) can be manufactured using PSAs based on various raw materials and with various manufacture technologies. Both product classes include labels as well as tapes (see Chapter 4); protective webs must be removable.

Such tapes possess two active surfaces; therefore, they can bond in plane as common packaging tapes as well as between two surfaces. In their early development stage, double-sided tapes were manufactured with a carrier. Later, carrierless tapes were produced. In principle, such tapes may bond multilaterally, like an overall adhesive proĀle. , carrier-free splicing tapes; see also Chapter) or reinforced PSAs. Such products were described in detail in Re fs. [1–3,9]. C arrierless t apes do not h ave a s olid-state c arrier mater ial a fter their application.

Chemical resistance is related to the end use of the labels and to t he environment. For instance, for application on containers, resistance to organic solvents, lubricants, and oils and to humidity, steam, and water are required. Nonoriented and mono- and bioriented thermoĀxed PP Ālms are available. For most applications an isotropic material is necessary; therefore, biaxially oriented Ālms should be used. Oriented Ālms give a higher yield at lower gauges. 5 µm can be used for a 89 m2/kg Ālm. indd 23 8/13/2008 12:27:36 PM 1-24 Applications of Pressure-Sensitive Products pearled, white opaque, and metallized PP Ālms have been manufactured as carriers for labels.

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