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A multifaceted reference e-book for the twenty first century, the reply e-book will fascinate with up to date, authoritative, and forever fascinating information regarding the realm this day. From earth sciences to astronomy, from weather and habitats to human arts and cultures, from historical background to state of the art know-how, and together with short descriptions, flags, and information of the entire international locations of the realm, it gives you precisely the type of quick-dip info that glossy readers crave. Maps, charts, diagrams, graphs, pictures, illustrations—some six hundred images in all—combine with hundreds of thousands of quickly evidence and brief items at the humans, locations, natural world, climate, background, and present occasions that topic in our global this present day. nationwide Geographic resolution ebook is a crucial reference for college, a convenient source on the place of work, and a superb pick-up-and browse better half at domestic.

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Magnetic poles are indicated by com- pass needles that line up with Earth's magnetic field. Geomagnetic poles are points where the axis of the magnetic field intersects with Earth's surface. The location of the Poles also changes because of the nature of planet Earth. Earth's spin on its axis is not stable: The planet experiences wobbling, a side-to-side motion. Some wobbling, attributable to the flattening of the planet as it rotates, occurs over a 14month period and is likely reinforced in its momentum by atmospheric and oceanic events.

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