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By Harun Yahya

ISBN-10: 8187570059

ISBN-13: 9788187570059

While the glorious concord in nature is obviously observable regardless of the bare eye, how can or not it's attainable to imagine that this layout used to be proven haphazardly and fortunately? definitely, there needs to be an proprietor of this layout current in bodies and achieving the remotest corners of the tremendously great universe. This e-book is a summons to consider the universe and the residing issues Allah has created and to determine the perfection of their production.

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Insects resembling leaves are very common. It is possible to find all the details of leaves on their bodies. The snake is camouflaging itself by being poised in the air like all other leaves. The tree lice on the left can convince their enemies with their present appearance that they are the thorns of the tree. FALSE EYES BEWILDER! When some butterflies open their wings, we encounter a pair of eyes. These eyes convince their enemies that they are not butterflies. Particularly, the false faces of some butterfly species such as the Shonling butterfly seen above are so perfect with their shiny eyes, facial features, frowning eyebrows, mouth and nose that the overall picture is quite discouraging for many of its enemies.

Actually, these colours are formed by the amassing of tiny scales clustered one on top of another. Isn't it a wonder how these small scales that are easily dispersed with your hand's slightest touch can be arranged in both wings without any mistake in their disposal so as to produce exactly the same pattern. Even the replacement of a single scale would destroy the symmetry in the wings and impair their aesthetics. However, you never see any muddle in the wings of any butterfly on the earth. They are as neat and elegant as if made by an artist.

Hence, we can simply say that each caterpillar is born into the world with a foreknowledge of what to do, which means that it was 'taught' all of these things before it was born. Let us explain this with an example. What would you think if you saw a new-born baby standing up a few hours after his birth, getting together the things he needs to make his bed (like quilt, pillow, mattress), and later putting all these together neatly, making his bed and lying down on it? After you recover from the shock of the event, you would probably think that the baby must have been taught in an extraordinary way in his mother's womb to perform such a process.

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