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By William L. Fox

ISBN-10: 1582434298

ISBN-13: 9781582434292


PART 1: Out West
1 Targeting
2 Earthworks
3 The Pit . . .
4 . . . and the Stack
5 The Horizontal City
6 The Angels of Mulholland Drive
7 Surveillance


PART 2: again East
8 Time Flies By
9 The 9-11 Trail
10 The Vertical City
11 flooring Truth


PART three: Down Under
12 Mount Kosciuszko: 2,228 Meters (7,310 Feet)
13 Pennyroyal
14 Lake Eyre: forty nine toes under Sea Level
15 Lake Eyre: 4,500 toes Above Sea Level
16 Alice Springs
17 Over Canberra . . . and la

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The pilot and artist found likely art sites on the playas of the Mojave and Great Basin not only for Heizer, but also for his friend and fellow artist Walter De Maria. Heizer created numerous works out in the desert during 1968. He drew figures with motorcycles leaving tracks on the ground, threw dye into the wind to paint the ground wherever it fell, and dug a series of trenches stretched out over 540 miles, a work collectively known as the Nine Nevada Depressions. Some of the component sculptures were fifty feet in length, others more than a hundred.

Robert Heizer is rightfully credited with bringing rigor and scientific method to the study of rock art, but it is no longer disputed that the tick marks most often are part of a solar marker indicating the solstices and equinoxes. Anthropologists used to scoff at the notion of pre-agricultural peoples keeping a calendar, reasoning that you only need to know the time of year if you were planting crops. They had perhaps forgotten that animal migrations are seasonal, and that keeping track of when various plants were going to bloom or seed was critical information for hunters and gatherers.

Qx6 24 O U T 1/13/09 12:58 PM Page 24 W E S T aggregate into still more massive figures. It’s a fractal phenomenon because it is self-similar at all scales, and it reinforces the cracking of the earth’s skin as a metaphor of time winding down in an entropic heatdeath. We follow the raceway straight for Floating Island until the plane’s Global Positioning System (GPS) map shows we’re about to hit the border of a Military Operations Area, or MOA. The Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR) is the largest combined restricted ground and airspace in the country.

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