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By Max Blecher, Michael Henry Heim

ISBN-10: 0811217604

ISBN-13: 9780811217606

Often known as “the Kafka of Romania,” Max Blecher died younger yet now not ahead of growing this incandescent novel.

Adventures in quick Irreality, the masterwork of Max Blecher—a significant author who brings to brain Bruno Schulz—paints in shiny shades the crises of “irreality” that plagued him in his formative years, eerie mirages in which he may glimpse destiny occasions, gleaming glimpses unsettling in each way.  In gliding chapters that flow with a weird dream good judgment in their personal, this memoiristic novella sketches the tremulous, scary and exhilarating awakenings of a truly younger guy.

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This is why, despite two decent previous translations into English, Heim’s Adventures in Immediate Irreality is definitive. ANDREI CODRESCU “Every Object Must Occupy the Place It Occupies and I Must Be the Person I Am” I’d like to introduce you to a book, an impressive book that no one read when it first came out in Romania in 1936 or later when it was reissued in 1970: Adventures in Immediate Irreality by M. Blecher. And when the first German edition appeared, which wasn’t until 1990 in a translation by Ernest Wichner, no one read that either, even though few books published in Germany since 1990 could compare with Blecher’s novel for sheer literary intensity.

Gazing at the bound books behind the bookshelf glass, I somehow took their immobility for a perfidious sign of furtiveness and complicity: the objects around me never gave up the secretive attitude fiercely guarded by their impassivity. Ordinary words lose their validity at certain depths of the soul. Here I am, trying to give an exact description of my crises, and all I can come up with are images. The magic word that might convey their essence would have to borrow from the essences of other aspects of life, distill a new scent from a judicious combination of them.

Blecher belongs in that company for the density and lyrical force of his writing, but he is also a recording diagnostician of a type the twentieth century had not yet fully birthed, but the twenty-first is honoring in the highest degree. The place of these “adventures” is probably Roman, the provincial Romanian city where he was born in 1909, a place small enough to explore, and conventional enough to grasp. The time is childhood and adolescence in the still new twentieth century. The probing instrument is his body rushing to work for as long as the liberty of his age and his vitality allow.

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