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A moment overseas symposium on adhesion points of skinny movies, held in Orlando, Florida in December 2003, accelerated from the 1st by way of contemplating metalized plastics and adhesion dimension. The 17 papers that caught to the publishing procedure transparent to the tip contemplate such subject matters as adhesion houses of functionally gradient diamond- like carbon nano-composite motion pictures, characterizing polyethylene-metal composite skinny motion pictures deposited by way of evaporation, the contribution of chemical reactions among aluminum atoms and types of sensible teams to the adhesion of aluminum-polymer structures, and severe occasions saw on copper movies on glass substrate within the micro-scratch try out. there isn't any index. VSP is a subsidiary of Brill.

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3. Evaluation The electrical resistance of the PE-Au and PE-A1 thin films deposited on the glass slide substrate was determined according to the test method for resistivity of conductive plastics with a four-point probe measurement in order to eliminate the effect of the contact resistance [7]. The chemical bonding states of the PE-metal composite thin films were determined by XPS. A pin-on-disk type friction and scratch test apparatus was used for the evaluation of friction and scratch properties.

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