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By Iain M. Banks

ISBN-10: 0349110115

ISBN-13: 9780349110110

The warfare is finishing, probably ended. For the citadel and its occupants the concerns are only starting. Armed gangs roam a lawless land the place every one farm and condominium helps a column of darkish smoke. Taking to the roads with the opposite refugees, nameless of their raggedness, turns out more secure than final within the old hold. in spite of the fact that, the lieutenant of an outlaw band has different rules and the fort turns into the focal point for a deadly video game of hope, deceit and loss of life. Iain Bank's masterly novel finds his specified skill to mix gripping narrative with a relentlessly voyaging mind's eye. The narrative procedure and sheer brio of A music OF STONE display an excellent novelist on the peak of his powers.

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Fucking recession over here—god damned crap asses just don’t want to let go of the buck. they sit on manuscripts now and when they finally accept them they delay payment until eternity. I’m speaking of the short story field. [***] so anyhow, this old rat’s not dead yet. and the poems and stories keep popping out of my ears. this year I must have written 150 new poems, a novel and maybe 30 short stories.

So I’m glad you’re there, anyhow, even if you get your dates mixed up. I have a prejudice against teachers, but if the work is strong enough, fuck it. Bix is going to teach somewhere in Oregon in a few months, and he’s as real as catshit. [***] [To Carl Weissner] July 5, 1970 [***] all in all, I seem to be surviving; of course, your getting Meltzer to come through was a big spiritual boost, the shot I needed and I sat down and rapped out 3 or 4 dirty stories, immortal, and some other shit. there’s energy coming from somewhere because, for the time being, the days and the nights are mine, and if I fuck them up it’s not nearly so bad as somebody else fucking them up for me with a time clock, you know.

It doesn’t matter; I think you might even call it a fun-piece except the satire is the sharp exaggeration bit, you know, and believe he detests my style and my guts—which is going to happen to all of us at one time, and it is part of the rocks in the shoes. [***] as to the poetry writing, I am writing very good again after a kind of 2 years slump. which lasted from about Oct. 64 to Oct. 66. I do not mean that my poems were not being published, I mean that I did not care for them. now they come out full of butter and steel and my fingers hit the keys and it is easy.

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