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9 From Yahweh, Moses eventually received the Ten Commandments, a contract or covenant under which Yahweh was to protect the Hebrews. In return, the Hebrews were to serve Yahweh forever by living out the terms of the contract. Thus two contributions to human relations are apparent: (1) monotheism, a theological reference Page 8 point which not only articulates our relationship to the question of ultimacy but also suggests the ideal relationship between humans (our relationship to people in the Western world depends to a large extent on our view of God and on the relationship between God and man), and (2) the existence of a contract which spells out our responsibilities to God and man.

Each year, millions of Americans spend billions of dollars and countless hours trying to find peace with themselves and with God. In retrospect, it is clear to me that an excellent starting point is an enlightened study of Scripture. In an effort to bridge the gap between behavioral-science theories and Judaeo-Christian doctrines, I have elected to focus on the works of ancient and contemporary writers. Although my selection of writers is limited, I believe my point is made: there is much in the Bible that supports our efforts to build a truly humane nation.

The degree to which the Greek myths enlighten us about what human beings needed in their gods and what they got from their gods reflects the degree to which the Greeks were religious. From Homer through the tragedians (and even later), most Greek literature revealed a deep realization of the dependency relationship between man and the gods. " 15 This brief review of Greek mythology and religious beliefs and practices clearly reveals their several distinct contributions to the helping professions: the accent on human life, the concern with the psychological well-being of people as reflected in the nature and quality of their activities, and the quest for excellence in human affairs.

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