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By A. Rayman

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ISBN-13: 9781349453719

Quantity II proposes radical reform (1) of the accounting method – to carry company administration below the regulate of marketplace forces; and (2) of the tax method – to allow the economic system to develop to its complete capability and to set up an automated mechanism for cost balance with none arbitrary intervention.

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Trade Imbalances Protectionism is a crime against the Laws of Traffique. The imposition of tariffs, quotas, or other forms of restriction (voluntary or otherwise) reduces the volume of trade, and with it the general welfare. Like many Ch. 3 The Greatest Economic Theorist of Them All 23 other forms of crime, however, protectionism pays those who manage to get away with it. It pays, because the operation of the Law of Circulation sometimes enables surplus countries to export unemployment to deficit countries.

2 This is supposed to prove that no country can maintain trade surpluses over a sustained period – and would gain no benefit even if it could. Yet there have been long periods when certain countries (like Germany and Japan, and now China) have been able to do both. To a determined free-market theorist, however, it is absolutely no deterrent: Suppose we pay them in paper dollars. What would the Japanese exporters do with the dollars? They cannot eat them, wear them, or live in them. If they were willing simply to hold them, then the printing industry – printing the dollar bills – would be a magnificent export industry.

Removal of the fear of loss from gear changes imposed by other countries puts 26 Part II: The Lost Commandment: Freedom of Circulation international trade into a far more favourable light. If it becomes clear that the only gains from trade are through genuine comparative advantage, competitive pressure will lead to the expansion of international trade rather than its contraction. If protectionism is to be defeated, therefore, it is not the sinners who need educating but the preachers. Until they admit that protectionism can pay, they cannot recommend the only measure likely to defeat it – to stop it paying.

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