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"Targum Onkelos" is the oldest entire Jewish Aramaic translation of the "Pentateuch", and it has performed an important position in Jewish exegesis in the course of the centuries. even though the vocabulary of "Onkelos" has been incorporated within the significant rabbinic dictionaries, there hasn't ever been a quantity committed completely to the vocabulary of "Onkelos". this word list, according to the traditional serious variation, contains the entire vocabulary of the targum, plus geographical names, with bibliographical references to cognates in different Aramaic dialects. it is going to be an immense aid either to scholars first encountering the language of the Targum, in addition to to experts looking a radical remedy of its lexical gains.

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Yhiwjua] pl. abs. ˜yjia' dgrmz; LS2 35 n. m. ] EDWARD COOK 8 aja, emph. at;j;a] n. f. ] bja, suff. 3 m. sg. yhiwbuja', var. yhwba ja n. m. paternal uncle Lev 10:4; 18:14; 20:20; 25:49. [Compound of ba + ja; ATTM 1:507; cf. ] dja vb. v. ] wja, emph. aw:ja' n. f. meadow Gen 41:2, 18. ] adwja, cstr. td'wjua] n. f. property Num 27:7, 32:2, 35:2, 8. ] rwjoa] n. m. back; yrewjoa] prep. yrwjal, suff. 2 m. ˚r;wjoal' prep. after, behind, westwards; behind Gen 18:10, 19:17; Ex 26:12 (noun); 33:8; Num 3:23; Deut 11:30.

Twwsa n. f. batch of dough Ex 7:28; 12:34; Num 15:20-21; Deut 28:5, 17. ] ylfxa rxa n. m. See ylfsa. vb. ) Gen 41:35. , h[;b]ra' m. num. four; ˜y[ib]ra' num. , rs'[] t['b]ra' m. num. v. ] EDWARD COOK 22 ˜w:g}ra', emph. an:w:g}ra' n. m. ] [Akk. ] ˜wroa], emph. an:wroa] n. m. v. v. ] zra, emph. az:ra' ˜ra; DJPA 73; DJBA n. m. cedar Lev 14:4, 6, 49, 51-52; Num 19:6; 24:6. ] yrea] conj. v. v. ] yra, emph. ay:ra', pl. abs. ˜w:y:ra' wra; DJPA 74; MH yrEh}; DSA n. m. lion Gen 49:9, Num 23:24, 24:9; Deut 33:22.

M. ] The variant vocalization an:w tua' corresponds to BAr ˜WTa' and other cognates (cf. Arabic }attuœn), but the vocalization in the lemma is closer to the proposed Akkadian etymon atuœnu. [Akk. ] yta vb. ] ˜ytea', var. ˜ytia' pron. f. pl. you Gen 31:6. v. ] lk;tai, emph. al;k;tai n. m. cluster of grapes Gen 40:10; Num 13:23-24; 32:9; Deut 1:24. ] EDWARD COOK 26 ylim;tai adv. ] [Arguably not derived from Akk. ittimaœli < in(a) timaœli (Kaufman 60). v. v. v. ] ˜ta, emph. an:t;a], pl. ˜n:t;a] n.

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