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By Nina Kiriki Hoffman

ISBN-10: 0441009751

ISBN-13: 9780441009756

Gypsum LaZelle is a misfit in a family members of spellcasters-she possesses no magical skill whatever. till the day while she turns into gravely in poor health, and discovers that her Transition has happened finally, bestowing upon her an odd and scary energy.

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Things take on weight and get sludgy. They harden, like cement. You can't change them unless you have pickaxe power. " "Flint? Please don't do more of this work without talking to somebody about it, all right? " His face went stubborn. " I know. I appreciate it. It's just. . " He shrugged. " He turned away. Jasper and Beryl had gone down the steps to the back walk, a wide pale concrete path that led along the side of the house, the left way leading to the pool, the right to the steps down to the orchard.

I shrugged again and looked away. " Jasper and Beryl stared at me, too. I picked at a scuff in the tablecloth, then glanced up. " Tobias's voice was a whisper. " "You were all gone. She came right over. She was great! " My stomach dropped down into a bottomless pit, and my hands iced over. "What do you mean, transition? " I checked my brother and sister. They looked as shocked as I felt. Transition! I'd never heard of anybody going through transition at twenty. Maybe everything would change now.

I took a couple deep breaths and tried to see If I felt different from the way I had last week, before I got sick. How horrible would it be to go through transition and not even get anything out of it? My stomach rolled over. It had been doing that since the weekend. I hadn't thrown up, though, just felt a little sick off and on. Was that what power felt like? " I asked. Something tightened his face until I saw the bones beneath the skin. I usually didn't wonder how old GreatUncle Tobias was.

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