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By Arieh Ben-Naim

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The important message of this booklet is that thermodynamics and statistical mechanics will reap the benefits of changing the unlucky, deceptive and mysterious time period "entropy" with a extra established, significant and acceptable time period comparable to info, lacking details or uncertainty. This substitute could facilitate the translation of the "driving strength" of many strategies by way of informational alterations and dispel the secret that has consistently enshrouded entropy.

it's been a hundred and forty years when you consider that Clausius coined the time period "entropy"; virtually 50 years when you consider that Shannon constructed the mathematical concept of "information" -- as a result renamed "entropy". during this publication, the writer advocates changing "entropy" via "information", a time period that has turn into prevalent in lots of branches of technological know-how.

the writer additionally takes a brand new and ambitious method of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. info is used not just as a device for predicting distributions yet because the primary cornerstone suggestion of thermodynamics, held earlier by way of the time period "entropy".

the themes coated comprise the basics of likelihood and knowledge concept; the final inspiration of knowledge in addition to the actual idea of knowledge as utilized in thermodynamics; the re-derivation of the Sackur-Tetrode equation for the entropy of an awesome gasoline from merely informational arguments; the basic formalism of statistical mechanics; and lots of examples of straightforward strategies the "driving strength" for that is analyzed by way of details.

Readership: a person attracted to the sciences, scholars, researchers; in addition to the layman.

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Consider the following two messages: A: Each of the ten houses in the street costs one million dollars. B: The first house in this street costs one million dollars, the second house costs one million dollars,. . and the tenth house costs one million dollars. Clearly, the two messages A and B carry the same information. The size of A is however much smaller than the size of B. Consider the next message: C: Each of the houses in this town costs one million dollars. Clearly, C contains more information than B.

T=50 K T=225 K Heat transfer from a hot to a cold gas. ch01 December 5, 2007 B534 Statistical Thermodynamics Based on Information 9in x 6in Statistical Thermodynamics Based on Information 14 systems, each having the same volume, the same number of particles, say Argon, but with two different temperatures T1 = 50 K and T2 = 400 K. We bring them into contact. Experimentally, we observe that the temperature of the hot gas will get lower, and the temperature of the cold gas will get higher. At equilibrium, we shall have a uniform temperature of T = 225 K throughout the system.

F = P A. 1. Volume as a function of pressure for a gas at different temperatures. Temperature increases in the direction of the arrow. the change in the momentum per unit of time. , the number of particles per unit volume), P is the (scalar) pressure, and v 2 = vx2 + vy2 + vz2 = 3 vx2 . 4) This explanation was first given by Daniel Bernoulli (1732), long before the mechanical interpretation of the temperature. Although the sense of hot and cold has been experienced since time immemorial, its measurement started only in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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