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A set of Graph Programming Interview Questions Solved in C++

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At the beginning the root node is enqueued and marked as visited. Then a node is dequeued and all the adjacent nodes not yet visited are enqueued for future visit in turn. The process is repeated until the queue is empty. v); } } } std::cout << "End bfs" << std::endl << std::endl; } Complexity Space complexity is for the queue and , if the graph is represented using an adjacency list, or if an adjacency matrix is adopted. Time complexity is , where may vary between and ) , depending on how sparse the graph is.

A variant of Ford-Fulkerson known as Edmon-Karp[14] has proven complexity 28 Assignment matching problem The assignment matching problem consists in finding a maximum weight matching for a given weighted bipartite graph. Assume that we have workers and tasks to be completed. For each pair (worker, task) we know the costs that should be paid per worker to conclude the task. The goal is to conclude all the tasks and to minimize the total cost, under the condition that each worker can execute only one task and vice versa.

Indeed a solution can be computed in linear time. We notice that a graph has Eulerian cycle if: (a) All vertices with non-zero degree are connected b) All vertices have even degree. In addition, a graph follows the Eulerian Path, if following two conditions hold: (a) All vertices with non-zero degree are connected, (b) If zero or two vertices have odd degree and all other vertices have even degree. The proof of these properties is left as an exercise. outdegree(id) & 1) odd++; if (odd > 2) return notEulerian; return (odd) ?

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