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In our everyday life, we see or pay attention from others approximately many desirable issues. occasionally, they seem absolutely unimaginable. This publication offers 501 such fabulous Facts.,,,,,

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Fridge Eskimos use fridge to prevent their food from freezing. Egyptian The Egyptians used the annual flooding of the Nile river to accurately set up their calendar. Vatican City The smallest independent country in the world is Vatican city with a zero birth rate. It has a population of barely 800 people. Countries There are 229 countries in the world of which 170 are sovereign and 59 non-sovereign. House Numbering Houses were first numbered in Paris in 1463. The practice was adopted in London some 300 years later.

6m2 on average, each person sheds about 18 kg of skin during his lifetime. Smallest Muscle The smallest human mucle is in the ear. It is a little over 1 mm long. Growth at Night We grow by about 8 mm every night when asleep, but shrink to the former height on the following day. During the day, the cartilage discs in the spine are squeezed like sponges by gravity while we sit or stand. But at night, when we lie down to sleep, the pressure is relieved and the discs swell again. For the same reason, astronauts can be temporarily 50 mm (2 inches) taller, after a long space flight.

5). Brain Our brain can store, recognise and remember 10,000 different odours. Body Temperature It is surprising that our body temperature varies during the day. It is lowest in the morning, rises in the late afternoon and falls again when we sleep. Blood Blood takes barely one minute to be pumped around the body through arteries and return back to the heart by veins. Face Both sides of your face are never alike. The ears are not at the same level, one eye is stronger than the other and the right ear is usually higher than the left.

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