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If you're near a desk, chair, tree root, or something else made of wood, use the Push-Pin to create your anchor. If you're without these, and are wearing a pair of 62 pants, sit Indian Style on the ground and pin a safety-pin to your pant cuff and use that as your anchor. If you're wearing shorts, then tie the 8-10 inch strand of scoubidou around your ankle and use that as your anchor. Whichever method you choose, you want to create a place where you can pull the strands tight to keep the Braid looking uniform from start to finish.

And then bend it AROUND and ON TOP OF the LEFT-most center strand, which is red in this shot. That's the second time I used the word BEND. Do NOT twist the scoubidou, like the red strand in the shot two above this one. Keep your fingers close to the work area and use them to bend the strands AROUND and ON TOP of the farthest center strand. After taking the LEFT-most red strand, shown above, I've gone BEHIND the two center strands and OVER and ON TOP OF the RIGHT-most, or farthest central strand, which is yellow in this instance.

31 Once again, start by taking the end of this new strand (blue here) that's on the side of the single purple strand (NOT the side with the purple loop) and take it over the single purple strand, then under or through the purple loop... while the other end goes over the purple loop, then under the single purple strand. Can you see why we always start on the side with the single purple strand? If we didn't, the Square Stitch we are trying to make here would fall apart on us... and here's our 2nd Square Stitch.

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