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By A. Corma, F.V. Melo, S. Mendioroz, J.L.G. Fierro

ISBN-10: 044450480X

ISBN-13: 9780444504807

The 12th Congress on Catalysis was once held in Granada (Spain) below the auspices of the foreign organization of Catalysis Societies and the Spanish Society of Catalysis. those four-volume court cases are the expression of the medical classes which constituted the most physique of the Congress.They comprise five plenary lectures, 1 award lecture, eight keynote lectures, 124 oral shows and 495 posters. The oral and poster contributions were chosen at the foundation of the experiences of at the least foreign reviewers, based on criteria similar to these used for specialized journals.

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Carmello, E. Finocchio, B. Cremaschi, G. Leofanti, M. Padovan and G. Busca . ch — em 为 j. 化 cn 学 找 个 化 Selective Oxidation (ODH) P149 Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane on Lithium Promoted Oxide Catalysis S. Wang, K. Murata, T. Hayakawa, S. Hamakawa and K. Suzuki . PI50 Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene over NiO/AI203 Catalysts X. Zhang, G. Yu, Y. Gong, D. Jiang and Y. Xie . PI5 1 Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane over Catalysts Prepared Via Heteropolycompounds N . Haddad, C. M.

Tornkinson . 3161 P372 Using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFW to Study the Surface Structure of Oxide and Metal-Decorated Oxide Particules E. E. A. Barteau . Gu . A. Rodriguez, T. Jirsak, S. Chaturvedi, J. Hrbek, A. Z. Larese 3 177 P375 Changes in the Electronic Structure of Pt/CeOz Based DENOXCatalysts as a Function of the Reduction Treatment. H. A. M. Gatica, S. E. C. Koninsberger . 3183 P376 Bimetallic Nano-Particle Formation in the Pt-Re Reforming Catalysts Revealed by STEWEDX XANES/EAYFS and Chemical Characterization Techniques.

Kera, S. Nishimoto, . M. Inoue, T. Inui and B. Ohtani 1937 P 168 Photocataliytic Water Decomposition by Layered Perovskites T. Takata, A. Tanaka, M. N. Kondo and K. Domen. J. L. K. F. L. Yue . P170 Formation of Ethylene Oxide by Photooxidation of Ethylene over Silica ModiJied with Copper Y. Ichihashi and Y. Matsumura . ch — em 为 j. 化 cn 学 找 个 化 P171 Photocatalytic Oxidation of n-Butane at a Steady Rate over Rb-Mod$ed Vanadium Oxide Supported on Silica T. Tanaka, T. Ito, T. Funabiki and S. Yoshida .

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